spectacle lenses
Choosing the right lenses for you:
Selecting the right frame is just one half of the journey to better vision.  It is essential that the lenses you choose complement the frame and provide you with excellent and comfortable vision.

New compact lenses are thin and lightweight, produced from high quality state of the art plastic materials. Added anti-reflective coatings allow lenses to produce crystal clear vision for the wearer.  Additional coatings also protect lenses from scratching and ultra violet light. Transition lenses, which darken outside, provide optimum vision in any lighting condition and allow for ease of use.  Drive-wear lenses react to light whilst you are behind the wheel for increased safety. Polarized lenses eliminate even the most extreme glare.  Progressive lenses can now be manufactured to be far more precise.  This allows for spontaneously compatible extra wide vision wherever you look. For athletes and sport enthusiasts they allow for wrap-around frames that eliminate distortions by enhancing side vision and providing exceptional clarity. It may all sound daunting and technical, the short of it is, technology has advanced and Benjamin Liss has an option and solution to your visual needs.

Please visit our practice for a pair of personally customized lenses to suit your prescription and lifestyle.